Property and Community Management: Rethinking the traditional approach.

Industry Problems

We have noticed that management teams and staff are likely to be working with a variety of different programs for different tasks. This creates an increased cost, inefficient processes, information misplaced that ultimately cause a fragmented environment.

We know that managing information, creating best practices, the ability to share data easily are all critical to the long-term success and sustainability in any industry.

Project data is more than just content. It can harness and is used as the foundation for improving management outcomes and processes. Having it all in a single place
will lower costs, minimise risks and will give projects an advantage and insights on how to better serve and assist management teams and end-users.

Having built the first interactive online portal in 1998 gives us a huge advantage to know and identify the constant problems in the property and membership industries.

With these years of experience behind us, we are committed to repair the industry dysfunctions through innovative digital solutions and advanced operating systems

Creating A Unique Digital Experience

While technology develops, new ways must be found to strengthen customer experience through the digital stratosphere. Rethink the traditional “product” or “sales driven” approach. Discover deeper, more meaningful and successful interactions by becoming customer-centric – where customers’ needs are at the heart of what you do.

As expectations evolve with the migration towards online and needs are ever-changing, people are interested in not only the end product but the overall digital experience – this is where Keyvision comes in.

Uniting communities, customers, businesses and team members alike, Keyvision creates a unique digital experience fulfilling real-world needs. The needs of people, business, spaces and everything that surrounds it!

Enhance the way your customers interact with your business while transitioning to the new-age digital landscape. Build a foundation of brand loyalty with consistency, where your brand is displayed succinctly across all avenues to strengthen the image of your business and create clarity of who you are and what you do.

Empowering All Sides Of The Community

In the digital age nearly every consumer is plugged in. With mobile devices becoming a part of our day to day tasks and interactions, people have great access to a constant stream of information which is heavily relied upon. Customer expectations are higher than ever before. It’s imperative that in order to become a part of everyday use, technology has to be intuitive and provide advanced functions while simplifying life.

We understand that communities are just as unique as the members who occupy them, that’s why Keyvision can be tailored to be just as unique and versatile as you are. Since we all hold different values, preferences and ways of life, our needs are versatile and ever-changing and technology should have the ability to adapt and move with us. Keyvision provides the means for all members to engage and participate in a safe and enriched ecosystem – in their own personal way. Developed with a mobile first approach, the Keyvision Mobile App can be tailored to each individual needs so they’re getting the most out of their Keyvision experience.

Our Solution: Keyvision Platform

Connectivity is the foundation of our business, our four core pillars guide all our actions and decisions. These pillars have been developed with one goal in mind: to solve industry dysfunction, help management teams thrive, build stronger connected communities and exceed and delight your clients expectations.

With these 4 pillars acting as an anchor point that underpin our methodology, Keyvision was developed to help businesses make a smooth transition into the digital era, providing seamless customer experiences that redefines the way they engage, communicate and participate.

Keyvision has been designed as a single-platform solution for flawless performance. The admin dashboard provides seamless management solutions while the customer-centric mobile app is developed to bring registered members an enhanced, user friendly experience.

These two digital entryways come together to provide a Keyvision experience like no other – for personalised use no matter who you are. From building managers to community members, the dashboard and the mobile app can both be tailored to specific requirements from workflow optimisation to engagement, for ease of use.

Keyvisions’ flexible, modular architecture allows for industry and personal growth as it adapts alongside ever changing needs – to holistically provide you with the means for an ever-growing ecosystem to thrive starting with the entryway of digital interaction.

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