Future Trends in Building and Facility Management

The building and facility management industry is set to experience significant changes in the coming years that will reshape the way large-scale developments are managed. These changes are driven by a number of factors, including:

The covid-19 pandemic and shifting workforce dynamics

Hybrid working, which combines remote and in-office work, is rapidly becoming the new norm. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work, leading to a fundamental shift in workplace dynamics. As hybrid working becomes more prevalent, facility managers will need to adapt by rethinking workplace capacity planning, designing collaborative office spaces, and integrating technology to support virtual meetings and remote collaboration.


Climate change and the requirement on businesses to reduce their carbon footprints has put sustainability at the forefront of real estate and facility management. Organisations are developing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and comply with upcoming regulations. The demand for sustainable buildings will soar, and facility managers will play a crucial role in this.

Technological advancements and access to more quantitative data

Advancements in technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, are enabling real estate and facility managers to make data-driven decisions. Granular data captured through IoT devices allows for better portfolio management, workplace strategy decisions, and operational efficiency improvements. Real estate and facility managers should embrace data analytics tools to enhance decision-making and achieve data quality excellence.

Secondly, proptech, the convergence of property and technology, is revolutionising the real estate sector. Technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality are transforming the way buildings are designed, operated, and valued. Proptech offers opportunities for better control of building systems, financial management, and occupant experience. Facility managers will need to navigate the integration of various proptech solutions and focus on building operating platforms or systems to manage the complexity.

Future-proof your building and facility management

In this rapidly evolving time, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for building and facility managers because the future holds immense potential for innovative solutions that can elevate space efficiencies, unlock informed insights, improve asset and people management, enhance wellbeing and productivity, make buildings more efficient, and provide custom-made, feature-rich, and service-oriented experiences.

How Keyvision can help your building and facility management processes:

Elevate Space Efficiencies: Traditional facility management platforms often focus on specific project types, limiting their adaptability. However, the future lies in platforms like ours that can seamlessly accommodate various project types, simplifying complex processes. By utilising real-time data, efficient communication, and providing a single source of access for all projects, staff, and members, space efficiency can be maximised. This includes aggregated data analytics across projects, enabling valuable insights and informed decision-making.

Unlock Informed Insights: Data has become the backbone of modern business operations, and facility management is no exception. Access to accurate, real-time information empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and take proactive action, rather than relying on assumptions. Keyvision provides users with the tools to access and leverage data, enabling a more efficient and effective management process.

Improve Assets and People Management: Effective facility management requires the harmonious management of both assets and people. In an era of high turnover rates and diverse project requirements, a unified dashboard that facilitates streamlined processes and maintains consistent, accurate data is invaluable. Keyvision enables efficient management of assets and personnel, resulting in enhanced productivity and smoother operations.

Wellbeing and Productivity: Commercial projects, in particular, are increasingly focused on enhancing productivity and user satisfaction. Building certifications now incorporate wellbeing parameters, emphasising the need for facilities that promote engagement and productivity. Keyvision plays a crucial role in helping organisations meet these requirements by providing tools and features designed to enhance wellbeing, communication wellbeing facilities to users, and optimise productivity.

Making Buildings More Efficient: Energy efficiency and sustainability are top priorities for modern facility management. The integration of advanced technologies and analytics allows for intelligent energy management systems that optimise resource consumption and reduce waste. Keyvision provides real-time monitoring and automation capabilities, enabling building managers to identify inefficiencies and implement corrective measures promptly.

Custom Made, Feature-Rich, and Service-Oriented: Every project is unique, necessitating a flexible facility management platform that can cater to diverse requirements. At Keyvision we offer customisation options to align with project-specific needs. With an array of features and services, Keyvision is a fully customisable management system and delivers an exceptional and unique user experience.

Modular System for Scalability: To accommodate existing technology infrastructure or incorporate new advancements, Keyvision is built on a modular system. This modularity facilitates seamless integration with various systems, ensuring compatibility and future scalability. Whether through pre-existing integrations or custom API connections, platforms designed for interoperability are primed for the future.

Design for Transformation: In an era of rapid technological advancements, our platform has to be agile and adaptable. The ability to incorporate emerging technologies and seamlessly integrate them into our existing platform is crucial. By continually evaluating the human-technology interaction landscape, Keyvision embraces innovation and offers transformative solutions.

Segmentation and Personalisation: Tailoring the facility management experience to individual projects and stakeholders adds immense value. With comprehensive backend settings and configurations, Keyvision allows for segmentation and personalisation. This functionality benefits projects with multiple stages, enabling different content delivery and access privileges based on specific groups’ needs. Offering a unified, personalised experience enhances user satisfaction and engagement.

As facility and building management continue to evolve, it is essential to embrace future trends to future-proof your developments. From space efficiencies and data-driven insights to wellbeing-focused designs and energy efficiency, the industry is witnessing a significant transformation. Keyvision prioritises customisation, scalability, and user-centric experiences, and leveraging our platform will unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity in the management of facilities and buildings. By embracing these trends, organisations can position themselves for success in the rapidly changing landscape of facility and building management.

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