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Simplify complex operations

Building managers of build-to-rent facilities face complex challenges, from managing multiple services to maintaining tenant satisfaction, monitoring property performance, and ensuring regulatory compliance, to operate a build-to-rent facility effectively.

The Keyvision mobile app streamlines these processes by providing residents with a platform to report maintenance issues and track their status so building managers can more quickly address concerns. Our platform also adds valuable data insights to help managers make informed decisions and plan for the future. By creating a digital hub that connects residents to staff, services, and a mobile app that enhances the resident’s experience and simplifies the workload for building managers.

Key Features

Build To Rent Projects

Giving your members access to the right tools in essential for a successful project. Our access control allows you to manage the permissions of your members and ensure that they have access only to the information they need. This helps to keep your organisation running smoothly and securely. With our easy-to-use interface, you can be sure that each member has the appropriate permission level and can interact with the features and content they need.

Keep your members informed and connected through our communication channels. With a range of options, our communications tool provides a one-stop-shop for all types of announcements. From newsfeeds to emails, push notifications to SMS and more to ensure your members are always up to date on the latest information.

Keyvision booking suite offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage your building facilities safely and securely. Allow for residents to book their move-in and out as well as facilities, making the process easier for everyone involved. The suite also offer features like automated notifications, which will keep your members up to date on any changes or updates on their bookings.

Help desk is an essential tool for businesses that want to provide excellent customer service. It lets members communicate and report any issue by simply submitting a ticket. This makes it easy for management to oversee historical logs, allocate tasks, issue work orders and communicate with members their ticket status all in a single place. Help desk is an efficient way to multitask, organise and prioritise issues through a systematic approach.

The digital wallet provides your members with a streamlined and convenient payment experience. It is a secure in-app payment that makes it easy for them to pay for services, bonds and more. This allows your members to focus on what’s important, without having to worry about the hassle of payment processing. Plus ensuring that their data is always safe and secure.

An essential tool for organisations to keep all of your documents and information in one easy-to-access location. Upload and share files and information with ease, making it simple for members and staff to get the information they need. All of your important documents at your fingertips.

Keyvision platform helps you activate your place and manage groups, calendar events, RSVPs, exclusive offers to mention some. Encourage members to get involved, foster a sense of community and build meaning connections. Bring people together and support local businesses in the process.

The Keyvision platform is designed to help building managers streamline their operations, improve efficiency and maintain high standards of service. Using our platform, you can generate work orders, prioritise tasks, allocate resources and manage performance. You can also generate reports and plan strategies for continuous improvement. With the Keyvision platform, you have everything you need to optimise your building operations.

Make data work for you. This powerful tool provides you with data analytics, as well as insights into key features. Get a detailed report and see how your project is performing. Make data-driven decisions that will improve your project efficiency and operations time.

Keyvision’s integrations allow you to connect your community with seamless ease. With our leading-edge API technology, enjoy a unified experience that delivers innovation at every step of the way. From tenant connectivity to communication and beyond, we make it easy for you to manage your digital ecosystem. Simplify your life with Keyvision.

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Union Quarter

Project Type : Build To Rent
Location : Spotswood, VIC
Developer : Suleman Group
Details : 2 Towers / 334 Apartments
Year : 2023

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Eden House

Project Type : Built To Rent
Location : Dubai, UAE
Developer : Bright Start LLC.
Details : 29 Levels / 187 apartments
Year : 2020

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