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Recent events and trends have driven organisations to quickly adopt digital solutions. Where understanding as well as managing the impact of new challenges, member engagement, tenancy retention and flexible work spaces has become of paramount importance.

At Keyvision we can help you review and develop a future workplace strategy for your project and organisation. Part of our process is identifying future requirements and provide you with a versatile platform that you can work with without being restricted.

Key Features

Commercial Projects

Giving your members access to the right tools in essential for a successful project. Our access control allows you to manage the permissions of your members and ensure that they have access only to the information they need. This helps to keep your organisation running smoothly and securely. With our easy-to-use interface, you can be sure that each member has the appropriate permission level and can interact with the features and content they need.

Unify communication on a single place and notify your users as needed. Newsfeed, alerts, push notifications, SMS, emails and more – we got you covered. Keep your members up to date with information they need to know, from a newsfeed article, a parcel ready for collection or a two-way message centre for a ticket raised, our communication multi-channels allows you to keep users informed.

Keyvision booking suite offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage your workplace safely and secure. Keep track of shared space capacity, visitor access, desk availability facility management and more.

End-of-trip facilities are the prefect way to enhance your tenants’ experience. Bike storage, change rooms, locker and car parks are all popular amenities that tenants appreciate. Manage and promote your EoT facilities easily and effectively through our platform.

Place activation is the process of making a place come alive. It involves activating all of the senses, as well as fostering a sense of community. By activating a space, you can encourage occupants to engage with one another and create lasting connections. This will help to keep your project relevant for years to come. With our expertise in place activation, we can help you transform any ordinary space into an activated one that will be loved and used by all.

Directories make finding the right business and detailed information simple and convenient. Provide genuine and trusted business to your members and connect them with their local community.

Food ordering is a fast, convenient way to order food for delivery or pickup from local venues. You can also offer catering options through facilities bookings. Work with local food providers to offer the best selection and value. Our interactive and convenient access makes it easy for your tenants to find what they need when they need it.

The digital wallet provides your members with a streamlined and convenient payment experience. It is a secure in-app payment that makes it easy for them to pay for services. This allows your members to focus on what’s important, without having to worry about the hassle of payment processing. Plus ensuring that their data is always safe and secure.

Make data work for you. This powerful tool provides you with data analytics, as well as insights into key features. Get a detailed report and see how your project is performing. Make data-driven decisions that will improve your project efficiency and operations time.

Keyvision’s integrations allow you to connect your community with seamless ease. With our leading-edge API technology, enjoy a unified experience that delivers innovation at every step of the way. From tenant connectivity to communication and beyond, we make it easy for you to manage your digital ecosystem. Simplify your life with Keyvision.

Featured Commercial Projects

Discover the various projects we have worked with and develop strategies that support change, enhance living and working experiences, while optimising costs


Project Type : Commercial
Location : Brisbane, QLD
Developer : Shayher Group
Details : 31,708sqm Nett Lettable Area
Year : 2017

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83 Pirie St

Project Type : Commercial
Location : Adelaide, SA
Developer : CBUS Property
Details : 30,000sqm Nett Lettable Area
Year : 2022

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447 Collins Street

Project Type : Commercial
Location : Melbourne, VIC
Developer : CBUS / ISPT Property
Details : 47,000sqm Nett Lettable Area
Year : 2021

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