About Us

Digital Pioneers since 1998.

What makes us unique

Keyvision purpose, company values and history

Keyvision’s ethos is to provide ways in which they could not only improve the living or working environment of our clients but impact their lifestyle, through providing better information, appropriate technology,  facilitating community and neighborhood interaction. 

We go above and beyond to provide innovative ways to make a difference in the lives of many. We continue to provide the best possible service to our clients and their members, in order to improve their lifestyle and quality of working and or living environments.


To inspire, encourage and support developers, property managers, resident groups, local government, and not-for-profit organizations to dramatically improve their management and communication practices..  We believe a connected community is a more sustainable, secure, and happier place to work and live

We are professional in our approach and are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, experience, and outcome.   We will consistently innovate our offerings to make sure that we are meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients and industry trends. 


We will deliver solutions for the Properties and Communities of tomorrow.

Our Story

Keyvision’s work in online communication, networking and marketing has earned them national and International recognitions having now worked with Government, Australia’s largest developers and international renown organisations.

Originating from a building and construction industry, Keyvision have a refreshingly unique approach in applying technology solutions to communication, marketing and place activation problems. 

A simple question of – why not make useful information normally kept by architects, builders, electricians, town planners, the local council and community services available to everyone living in a new housing development? Was the turning point for our founder, Mark Davis, to delve into this “futuristic’ idea back in the late 90’s and establish Keyvision. 

Keyvision has been on the cutting edge of developing appropriate solutions as technology evolves and new lifestyle needs are required. Starting with the first online portal in Australia, 

Keyvision has adapted to new merging technologies and created dynamic and meaningful solutions to tackle daily changes that arise with the hubs of human interaction. 

As our world diversifies and new opportunities arise in the digital landscape, we believe flexible and unlimited interconnectivity is the way of the future. With our experience and expertise, Keyvision is leading the way in shaping the future of how we interact with technology.

“Technology is at its best when it brings people together and enables communities to thrive.”

Mark Davis - CEO and founder

Mark Davis

CEO and Founder of Keyvision

Mark commenced his working career in the construction industry in 1981 as a carpenter and qualified builder in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Over the past 40 years Mark’s development and building group of companies provided a range of services which included Town Planning, Project Feasibilities, Architecture, Construction and Property Development.

His Stonehenge Group of companies designed and built over 1000 projects which included, land divisions, masterplan communities, apartment and townhouse developments, Aged Care & Retirement developments, High End Residential Custom Homes and Renovations.

Mark established an International Division of the Stonehenge Group in one of the world’s most demanding markets, Japan. The company successfully completed over 40 projects using Australian Labor and materials which included designing and building the award-winning Australian Consul General’s residence in Kobe in 1997.

With a reputation for excellence, the Stonehenge Group received over 60 National Housing awards including the HIA Australian Quality Builder of the year award. Mark also successfully launched and establishment the “Action Indoor Sports” Brand company in 1999 with Japan’s largest health and fitness operator Konami Corporation which licensed the business management systems and software.

Enter Keyvision

A sliding door moment came when Mark was invited to visit the famous Xerox PARC at Palo Alto in 1995 when he had a chance meeting with a prominent fellow Aussie Dr Craig Mudge, at a Comdex Conference in the USA. Craig was the director of the legendary Computer Science Lab in the nineties and nurtured the next generation Internet Protocol. Craig later founded the Macquarie Institute for Innovation at Macquarie University where he was Professor of Innovation.

This was the inspiration that led Mark to launch Australia’s first “Online Community Portal” in 1999 using one of his building development projects as the case study. The project was awarded a Federal and State innovation grant to study how the internet would impact and affect building projects of the future. Mark and his team collaborated with Dr Michael Arnold Professor of Professor of Historical and Philosophical Studies and his students undertaking their thesis.

Keyvision became a pioneer and leading consultant to many prominent developers around Australia during the early 2000’s and this became the core learning foundation of the services and solutions that Keyvision are providing companies, property developers, facility and community managers today.

In 2014 Mark also partnered with an entrepreneurial US based company “ENPLUG” and is supporting his son Nathan (CEO of ENPLUG) to deliver this disruptive online digital signage software in all sectors of industry in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Mark continues to innovate, collaborate and expand his knowledge and network with many international Property Technology partners and is proud of his young and talented innovative loyal team developing the Keyvision Brand, product, platform and service offerings.


Product Development Lead

Driven by her passion of technology, cognitive learning and design, Stephanie is best known for delivering adaptable and user friendly solutions. As the creative and product development lead she continuously reviews and researches best practices and new emerging technology to implement across our Kindred platform. Her never ending enthusiasm to learn new things from behavioural studies, machine learning and languages processing gives her an extended knowledge on how to communicate better through different cultural backgrounds.


Customer Service & Support

Megumi’s passion for customer service can be traced back to Japan where she spent significant time working on Aged Care industry and understanding the importance of providing and outstanding customer service. As our day-to-day account manager she specialises in setting up projects, constantly reviewing and updating content and assisting our customer along their Kindred Journey.

MICHELLE Edhie Wahidin

Senior UX/UI Designer

Michelle yields expertise in start-up early MVP product management, quantitative and qualitative UX research, UX/UI design, information architecture, prototyping, wireframing, systems design, technology implementations, and agile product iteration. Five years experience in customer service, marketing and administration and three years experience in product design.


Multimedia Developer

Boasts a diverse range of skills and expertise in 3d visualisation, UX/UI design, video production, marketing, web development and software solutions. Harley has been involved in varying capacities throughout the long history of Keyvision for the better part of two decades, and in doing so, brings a wealth of knowledge in solving problems unique to managing communities online.



Engagement Lead & Place Activation

As founder of two pioneering activation agencies, The Space Agency and The Place Agency, Bec has spent the last decade creating and deploying activation and engagement solutions for the property industry. From events to local partnerships to tenant engagement initiatives, Bec has done it all. She brings her understanding of workplace and customer experience to our team, helping our clients optimise the platform and amplify engagement by integrating their digital and physical experiences.


Creative Content Lead (LifestyleLab)

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of providing fitness, health and wellbeing services to the corporate domain. Skilled in Marketing Management, Event Management, Communications, B2B Marketing, and Marketing Strategy (specialise in the property industry). Strong professional with a Bachelor of Business focused in Marketing from Queensland University of Technology.



Your community connection is an asset for brands wanting to reach these consumers. Teresa is the CEO Brandcrush, a retail media and partnerships platform that powers businesses including property developers to monetize and maximize their media potential. As an advisor to Keyvision, she is unlocking the monetization opportunity for our clients, driving new revenue streams and community experiences.