Keyvision a Finalist for the Best New Proptech Category at the 2023 Urban Developer Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Keyvision has been named a finalist in the prestigious Urban Developer Awards, specifically in the Best New Proptech category. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to revolutionizing the property, building, and community management sectors by harnessing the power of innovative technology.

The Urban Developer Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in the property development and real estate sectors. As one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, it brings together leading professionals, companies, and industry experts who are shaping the future of urban development. The jury for the awards is made up of over 30 judges from across Australia and New Zealand with extensive experience from across all sectors and disciplines within the industry, including architecture, planning, government, development, advisory, construction, not-for-profit sector, and more.

The Urban Developer Awards categories this year are:

Development of the Year – New Communities
Development of the Year – High-Density Residential
Development of the Year – Medium-Density Residential
Development of the Year – Small-Scale Residential (1-3)
Development of the Year – Small-Scale Residential (4-20)
Development of the Year – Urban Regeneration
Development of the Year – Retail
Development of the Year – Commercial
Development of the Year – Mixed Use
Development of the Year – Build-to-Rent, Hotels and Accommodation
Development of the Year – Retirement, Aged Care, and Seniors Living
Development of the Year – Social Infrastructure
Development of the Year – Industrial

Excellence in Community Engagement
Excellence in Sustainability
Excellence in Industry Leadership
Excellence in Design Innovation
Excellence in Construction Innovation
Excellence in Commercial Innovation
Excellence in Project Marketing
Excellence in Marketing Innovation
Best New PropTech

As a finalist in the Best New Proptech category, Keyvision is being recognized for our groundbreaking approach to property and community management. Our platform’s features, including member management, communication management, place management, and place activation, provide a holistic solution that addresses the diverse needs of modern property developments.

Keyvision’s focus goes beyond efficient management; we strive to create exceptional experiences for residents, commercial tenants, and visitors. Our user-friendly mobile app ensures seamless communication, easy access to information and services, and personalized experiences tailored to individual requirements. By fostering a sense of community and enhancing engagement, Keyvision aims to transform properties into vibrant and thriving spaces.

Our offering stands at the forefront of the Proptech revolution – Keyvision is an all-in-one solution that streamlines property, building, and community management for large-scale residential, commercial, build-to-rent, mixed-use developments, and not-for-profit developments. Our comprehensive platform empowers property managers, building owners, developers, asset managers, facility managers, and community administrators to efficiently oversee operations, enhance communication, and create vibrant and engaging spaces.

Being named a finalist in the Best New Proptech category at the Urban Developer Awards is an honor and validates our ongoing efforts to drive innovation and revolutionize the property management industry. It motivates us to continue pushing boundaries, developing new features, and expanding our reach to transform the management landscape for developments of all types and sizes. Our vision is to support and empower property management every step of the way. Whether you’re developing a property, handing it over to new owners, or managing its day-to-day operations, we’re here to empower you. We’ll help you build a solid foundation for your properties, so you can confidently face any challenges that the future may bring.

Thank you, The Urban Developer.

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