Product Features

Our core pillars guide and support management teams to effectively deliver customised services to all stakeholders

Keyvision Pillars

Our pillars have been developed to highlight our innovative approach – that is, to solve industry dysfunction, support management teams to thrive, build stronger, connected communities, and exceed and delight both client and user expectations.


Tools you need to manage your members.

Communication Management

Tools to communicate with your members.


Tools to manage your operations and building.


Tools to activate your project community.

First Pillar

Member Management

At Keyvision we know that people are the heart of a community. That’s why we are committed to providing with innovative management solutions that empower your members every step of the way. From welcoming them to a new project to their day-to-day activities and everything in between, our platform makes it easy to keep track of registrations, help desk tickets, parcels and deliveries, document, tenants history and more. With Keyvision you can be confident that your project and its community is supported every step of the way.

Access Control
Member Keys
Help Desk
Parcels & Deliveries
End of Lease
Gym Inductions
Tenant History
Short Stay
Pets & Cars Registrations

Second Pillar

Communication Management

Keyvision’s features are always developed with the end user in mind. Our communication management tools provide a user friendly and efficient solution. Experience a streamlined flow of information that transpires with everyday management. Our goal is to make communication easy and effortless for you and members.

Online Forms
Alerts and Notifications
Important Contacts


Place Management

Place management is an all-inclusive solution to unify your building operations and maintain high standards of service. It brings together all the tools building managers need to manage contractors, bookings, assets and assets in a centralised location. As well as being able to generate work orders, prioritise tasks, allocate resources and manage performance for continuous improvement. Everything you need to optimise your building operations at your fingertips.

Building Keys

Digital / Mobile FOBs

Bookings Suite

Incidents & Cases

Work Orders



Scheduled Maintenance

Shift, Tasks and Message Board

Analytics & Reporting


Place Activation

Place activation is what makes places special, character filled and talk-about. It powers attraction and attachment and ensures ongoing relevance. It is critical to achieve long-term engagement – both digitally and physically – with a place and with stakeholders. Our workshops and tools help you have better understanding of a place and its users and create a community where members feel connected to a place ensuring that a place flourishes long after being implemented.

Event Calendar


Local Area

Special Offers

Preferred Services

Retail Directory

Social Clubs