Enhancing the Future of Commercial Properties: The Smart Score Rating

In today’s rapidly evolving real estate landscape, commercial property developers face a critical challenge: designing buildings that meet the needs of the future. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, energy efficiency, and technological integration, developers must carefully consider various criteria to create forward-thinking spaces. Smart buildings are revolutionising the way we interact with and experience the built environment. These technologically advanced structures utilise various systems and functionalities to enhance productivity, sustainability, safety, and user experience. To assess and recognise the level of intelligence and performance of smart buildings, the SmartScore rating system was introduced.

The primary objective of SmartScore is to guarantee the delivery of essential benefits and outcomes provided by smart buildings to all users. This certification program focuses on the effective implementation of digital technology to achieve these objectives.

The availability of services and reporting options for building owners, operators, and occupants forms the foundation of a successful smart building implementation. Some of the features that commercial property developers need to consider when designing buildings for the future are:


A superior user experience is paramount for attracting and retaining tenants. Forward-thinking developers must focus on designing spaces that prioritise comfort, convenience, and well-being. The Smart Score rating system emphasises user-centric design and amenities, such as smart access control, mobile app integration, community engagement features, and personalised services. With Keyvision, developers can enhance the overall tenant experience and create a thriving community within their properties.


Sustainable design has become an imperative aspect of future-proof commercial properties. Developers must prioritise eco-friendly features, such as energy-efficient systems, renewable energy sources, smart lighting, and water management solutions.


Smart buildings are not only about individual experiences but also about creating vibrant communities through content, communication, and activations, such as events and services, access to local information, delivery management, amenity space booking, and feedback collection, which foster community engagement and improve overall user satisfaction. Keyvision offers a comprehensive communication platform that facilitates efficient collaboration between property managers, tenants, and stakeholders. From community announcements to maintenance requests, Keyvision streamlines communication channels, fostering a connected and engaged environment.


In an increasingly interconnected world, seamless connectivity and effective communication are vital for commercial properties. Developers must consider robust network infrastructure, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced communication systems.

Safety and Security

In an age of heightened security concerns, commercial properties must prioritise the safety and well-being of occupants. Keyvision includes robust security features, such as video surveillance integration, access control systems, emergency notifications, and incident reporting tools. By incorporating Keyvision into their developments, developers can ensure a secure environment while mitigating risks and improving emergency response capabilities.

The SmartScore certification provides a comprehensive framework for evaluating and certifying smart buildings based on their performance, functionality, and technological foundations. Keyvision offers a comprehensive solution to developers striving to create intelligent, sustainable, and user-centric built environments. By leveraging the power of our platform, developers can design buildings that are future-proof, enhance tenant experiences, optimise resource usage, and foster thriving communities.

Embrace the future with Keyvision and pave the way for a new era of commercial property development.

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