National Community Titles Institute

March 10, 2003

publication : National Community Titles Institute (newsletter)
Edition : December 2003

The Internet used locally – the ultimate community management facility

By Keyvision

Melbourne-based technology company Keyvision has been working on ‘Community Intranet’ technology since 1998. With a background firmly based in residential construction and land development, company director and founder Mark Davis, formed
Keyvision with the objective of being Australia’s premier provider of residential communication and collaboration software.

Keyvision’s ‘Community Intranet’ is totally internet-based. It requires no special software, no high level technical knowledge. If you are connected to the internet, you are connected to your community.

The ‘Community Intranet’ is an ideal community resource that enables body corporate managers to communicate efficiently and effectively with residents. The ‘Community Intranet’ saves money through reducing administration time and eliminating postage.
Community documents can be stored online – enabling residents to access information simply and quickly.

Springthorpe, a 700-lot community development in Macleod in Melbourne’s north, has just released their Springthorpe online Community Intranet.

The Springthorpe Community Intranet will allow residents to become part of a ‘virtual online community’ that allows them to access local information, communicate with other residents, discover neighbours with similar interests, access local community resource information and businesses, and receive notifications of upcoming community events.

New home owners at Springthorpe can be part of the ‘online’ community before they move into the neighbourhood.

“This allows new residents to orientate themselves into the new community sooner – and begin to understand the local facilities and services that are available in advance of moving in,” said Mark Davis.

“The body corporate manager at Springthorpe sees enormous advantages in the technology. It’s a way for them to provide existing services more efficiently as well as value-add by providing the community with an exciting new resource,” he said.

“The aim of our Community Intranet,” said Mark Davis, “is to inspire, encourage and support local residents, businesses, groups, associations, organisations, educational institutions, local government services, and non-local stakeholders, to improve communication, increase interaction, and thereby create an even stronger, more sustainable and secure community.”

The intranet is accessed via a username and password. It’s an ideal online environment for families to utilise to store and share information. And because its Internet-based, you can access your Community Intranet from anywhere in the world at any time.

Just some of the features available in the Community Intranet application:

• Personalise Home Page:
Each resident can have their own personalised home page on the Intranet. Here they can conveniently access events and news that matters to them.

• Calendars
A range of community calendars can be set up for local clubs, councils or interest groups.

• Classifieds
Residents can access a free online classifieds area that enables them to advertise to their local community.

• Groups
Mini-intranets, or Groups, can be set-up within the Community Intranet for interest groups, clubs and the body corporate – to run and manage their own private activities. Groups can be private places with restricted access controls.

• Slideshows
Pictorial records of community events, new arrivals, or pictures of significant places of interest can be easily created and stored within the Intranet.

• Forms
An online form builder makes it easy for anybody to build forms that enable community managers to manage enquiries and feedback from residents.

• Online Help System
In case you need it, the Intranet has its own easy to use online Help system.

Another great feature of the Community Intranet is the ability to generate revenue for the community through sponsorship and advertising by local businesses and service providers. Keyvision is happy to discuss how the Community Intranet can return funds back to the community.

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