Largest suburban mixed-use development


Project Type: Mixed Use
Location: Monash, VIC, Australia
Client: Schiavello
M-City boasts one of the largest ever mixed-use developments outside of Melbourne CBD. The project has four different types of users being residential, commercial, retail and hotel guests.

Challenges and Project Scope


The M-City precinct comprises of 4 residential towers, culminating in a total of 669 apartments. With those numbers in mind, maintaining a secure base for managing member data was imperative for the success of the project. Just as a seamless experience was required, so too that all tenants and property managers would have clear and reliable channels of communication, and secure storage of important tenant information.


The M-City precinct boasts of a number of commercial offices and residential apartments and terraces. Having such a vast and varied portfolio needed a modern solution to manage the day-to-day demands of scheduled maintenance, contractors and incident reports to the management of building assets from the convenience of a single platform.


M-City features a range of 60 specialty retail stores, an international hotel, short-stay accommodation, dining and entertainment options, a gym, childcare options as well as a number of commercial offices. To ensure residents and tenants would receive the full benefit of the integrated amenities and local business, they would need a system that kept them informed of local business activities and special offers.

Project Numbers

Keyvision Solution


The Keyvision platform provided building managers and residents with a secure and convenient way to communicate and interact via the use of a cloud-based manage dashboard and the resident’s mobile app. Residents are able to maintain their own personal data, access the latest news, announcements and notifications specifically for M-City tenants. Whilst building managers are granted control, oversight and insight from the dashboard.


At M-City the convenience afforded by the Keyvision dashboard extends to all aspects of building management. Move-in/move-out bookings, helpdesk, incident reports, maintenance schedules, key orders and tracking for both residents and contractors, are all managed from within the one powerful system as opposed to segregated legacy systems that have often plagued the building management industry.


Facilitating engagement between residents, local businesses and integrated services within M-City has been made simple by the Keyvision resident’s mobile app. Access to special deals helps attract new business to retail tenants, whilst residents are informed on the latest events and attractions on offer in the local area to make the most of their experience at M-City.


The Keyvision platform allows the building managers at all 4 of the M-City residential towers to maintain a high standard of operational efficiency and all through the convenience of a dashboard that integrates all features of member management, communications and facility management into the one cloud-based tool.

The M-City branded mobile app gives residents a convenient way to book facilities, receive important communications from building management, as well as notifications and special deals from local retailers that elevates the living experience at M-City.

Key Features

  • Single platform for building manager to conduct all aspects of daily operation via the dashboard.
  • Resident’s mobile app for easy access for book facilities, update member details, receive latest news and notifications.
  • Powerful suite of reporting tools to actively monitor, review and improve operations.

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Challenges and Project Scope

Keyvision was approach to offer a solution that could provide them a single product with the ability to cater for each sector and seperate access entries for management yet provide a single entry point from the residents / staff / customers side. 

The residential space also required to be split into four independent entries point but with the ability to have a single management source across all four. It also required to allow for some users access restriction depending on the tower and facilities bookable ability. 

M-City completion was right during COVID-19 lockdown, which presented another challenge itself. They require a booking system that could cater for residents organising their move in dates but also manage facilities bookable capacity and restrictions. 

They also required a real-time communication tool to keep residents up to date with any news that affected them and their living situation at M-City as the government had restriction and ease of restrictions during COVID-19 lockdown.

M-City also required a platform that could grow as the stages of the project were completed. First one was the inclusion of retailers and how to engage them with residents and staff from the commercial office space. The second part would be to provide the commercial staff an access point to M-City app where they can access special offers to them, receive update news, local events and ability to order food via the mobile app. Lastly it will require a visitors app where customers can access centre information, special offers and exclusive content for them 

Key Requests

• A starting point for residents who have purchased a property in M-City but haven’t moved in yet whilst development was still happening to keep them informed of site construction updates & completion. 

• Offer a single platform that could cater for all different aspects of the project (residential, commercial and retail)

• Ability for the 4 different towers to work together from the backend platform, but separately form the end users side (mobile app)

• Ability to promote retail offers to residents for better engagement 

Facility bookings 

– Ability for residential towers to shared a bookable system for when residents move in / out

– Ability to manage facility booking capacity in response for COVID-19 restrictions 

– Ability to communicate real-time with residents to keep them up to date with relevant information during COVID-19 lockdown 

• Ability to schedule maintenance events across all buildings in a single entry point 

• Ability for retailers to promote special offers directly to residents. 

• Ability for residents to order food from M-City retail food court via their M-City app 


Kindred by Keyvision modular structure was able to easily adapt its framework for each facet of M-City unique structure. It provided an umbrella project structure with main entry point to their project portfolio and also individual access point to each party of the project all under one platform.

Kindred by Keyvision booking systems was able to manage the complexities of the different booking types and requirements needed for the project. Focusing a big part on providing a solution for access restriction once a facility had reach capacity and ensuring users provide needed information for contact tracing.

The platform has a real-time communication system that can segregate relevant information so specific users groups which assisted management and users to be connected and up-to-date with relevant information to them as things were constantly changing during COVID-19 lockdown and ease of restriction.

Key Features

• System categories for restriction access and personalised communication

• Reserved bookings – to manage facilities that require capacity tracking

• Help Desk – for better service and directory communication between residents and BM

• Tenants end of lease reminders

• Modular framework for each part of the project

• Pre-settlement engagement with purchasers during COVID-19

•A future proof structure that will allow them to add on entry points as the project is being developed.